Partners in Allium

We are convinced that partners can create mutual synergy. To achieve this we entered into strategic alliances many years ago with partners able to enhance our - and their- competitive efficacy. For example, we have worked closely with Bejo as ‘partners in Allium’ for more than 50 years now. We develop breeding programmes for the entire range of onions, shallots and garlic in cooperation.

Our breeders work closely with the breeders at Bejo on these breeding programmes. The results are impressive: together they have more than 200 new onion and shallot cultivars to their names. Bejo is responsible for the trial fields used to grow the new varieties. These sites can be found in Europe, North and Central-America, India, Vietnam and China.

Broer BV is a joint enterprise of De Groot en Slot and Bejo. The company produces and sells existing and new onion set varieties. Broer BV markets these varieties under the trade name ‘Quality inside’.

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