Product forms

Huge variety of product forms

Our investment in research and seed technology results in unique product forms. All these products offer huge advantages to growers, such as uniform emergence, high yields or excellent protection against fungi and pests.

Our product forms:

Bejo/DGS-precision (basic coating) is the basic treatment. The seeds are covered with a complete coating that incorporates fungicides. These fungicides protect the seed after sowing against soil fungi during germination. Bejo/DGS-precision is virtually dust free. The coating is green.

Bejo/DGS-precision Non-Chemically Treated (NCT) is especially for organic cultivation. It offers effective physical disinfectant to protect against any fungi present on the seed.

We can also prime the seed. This activates the germination process so that the seedlings will emerge more quickly and uniformly after sowing. Advantage: more accurate weed control. Priming is offered for a limited number or varieties and is available in combination with the basic coating and/or insecticide.

Our range contains a growing number of organically produced varieties. The only post-harvest treatments the seed undergoes are physical and/or organic treatments. See: Organic seed.