Seed quality

The basis for quality seed

Our top priority is quality. So we have chosen for good reason to concentrate on breeding a single variety: onions (and shallot) and within that variety targeting a limited number of cultivars. This enables us to excel in their development. In other words: this narrow focus is our strength. Keeping to the restraints imposed by a single variety has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of cultivars. Cultivars with unique properties, developed based on market wishes and bred to give the very best results in the climate zones suitable for their cultivation. This demands specialised knowledge. This demands experience. And above all, this demands the will to continually innovate. This is the only way to uphold our quality promise.

This is why we invest heavily in innovation and new developments: the modern seed technology laboratory is equipped with all the very latest equipment for a broad range of quality inspections, as well as physiological and phytopathological research. All our inspection procedures comply with the strict standards imposed by Naktuinbouw and guarantee reliability for germination, varietal purity and health. We constantly search for more effective methods of seed disinfection and enhancing germination quality, as well as even better seed processing methods and treatments